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Post  RayZ101 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:44 pm

Greetings, my name is Ray, but my administrator name is PMO_RayZ101 or RayZ101.
I work as a developer, and soon to be administrator for PMO.
I am equally skilled with all ingame activities, except scripting or coding.
My main specialties would range from item naming, moderating, event holding, and socializing.
Work I've done in the PAST:
Became a PvP teacher for SMO
Own a game called FaithOracleOnline [FOO] that is in Alpha Testing.
Earned Moderator,Mapper,Developer In PMO.
Beta Tested for MMORPG for Wonderking, Aika Online.
Done beta testing for non-MMO games such as, Geo Lands TDT, Chuck norris fact Generator, Sphere Wars, and alot more on Mofunzone.
Found two best friends, Sharon and Pieguy.
Called Nick, Nickel Pop for more than 20times.
Worked as moderator,mapper,developer,administrator,and owner for NFO which is now over. (Pieguy's game)
Worked as Moderator,Mapper,Developer,Administrator for NUO which is also over.(Linkbros's game)

I will post more later, but yeah. Hi people. tongue

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