Security breach, 07/06/10

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Security breach, 07/06/10

Post  RayZ101 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:52 pm

A security breach happened June 7, 2010 near the evening.
A few maps were Kill Atributed causing some distress for the staffmembers, I got Dvil to delete all kill atributes found as I alerted Nick and warped all players into my home.

I do admit the hacker got the best of me when he changed one of the player's name and I accidentely banned them, my apologys.
After that I decided BANNING wasn't going to help therefore all players were to be inside Map 299[My House] at all tiems while the staff members investigated, damages with minor but the morale was heavily damaged.

Players were getting name,sprite, rank changed and began to worry them, Pie logged ona nd acidentely kicked me, I still am unavalible to go on today. XD

An anti-hacking tool detector will be installed soon, any players caught with hacking tools may be banned,jailed, or even IP/ID banned.
Regular map checks are beign runned as well as item checks, about 20% of the items were removed due to overhigh stats, and more than 5maps have been suspended from play.
Any players who own these maps may be jailed or put into court and accused, depending on serverity.

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