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Echoes Of Darkness Online

Post  RayZ101 on Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:35 pm

EODO for short, is currently in development, currently making custom item sprites, we do not use paperdoll because of it's messiness.
Designed with special classes, Bladers(Warrior), Arcanist(Magician), Marksman(Archer), and Illusionist(Thief).
Every class has it's own special skills or ability, Bladers and wield shields for extra defense, Arcanist can use elemental spells to target the enemie's weakness, Marksman can shoot, and has bonus SP, while illusionist can carry an extra weapon and use basic skills of the arcanist.

The weapons designed have diffrent types, Basic, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Water, and GameMaster. If I remember correctly these are the bonuses each of the elements give.
Basic- No elemental power or bonuses.
Darkness- Increase on Damage and Strength.
Earth- Increase on SP and Magic.
Fire- Increase of Defense and Health.
Water- Increase on Speed and MP.
GM- Superior Stats**.

** GM items doesn't mean their over powered, but can only be achieved from an event, or a present from a GM Ranked 3+, these items have superior mystical stats, for example the basic mace has a 2000MS per hit, while a GM Mace has 1000MS per hit, however all the stats are the same as a basic mace, making them super valuble in ways you can't imagine.(I think.)

Hell Event: The hell event has been plotted out and will be made when everything is ready, there will be 13 difficult challenges for you to try and succeed through, at the end of the Hell event if you pass, you recieve event rewards that range from GM Items, GM Consumables, or money* prizes.

*The currency of EODO is bliss, a mysterious blue ore found on the World of Mar, which is the EODO world, Bliss can be used to buy basic items, while a special currency that is soon to come, will be avalible to get rare items that will soon to be made.

EODO will be hosted online right when I get up in the morning, and it'll be open with NO-IP until I goto sleep, if an error occurs when I'm away, it means that you screwed up big time, because I might not come back for a while(1-?? Hours).

A website will soon be made to host all events, the chatroom and so on.

If you want to help develop the EODO world and get a secret link to the download, send an email to , EODO is be empty for pretty much everyday due to the absence of developers, or if they are working on items.

We currently need the following...
-Someone who knows how to script and put scripts into a EE 2.7 main document.
-A story plotter.
-Spriters to help make armour with their three types.
-Mappers to design unreleased areas.
-Music creators for custom music in EODO.
-Three moderators when the game is released.

I hope to see you in the development/release of EODO. And I guarantee that the EODO development will not shut down and be discontinued for any reason, besides my death. Which is gonna be a long time because im twelve years old. Children POWAH

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