Zelda Ghoma's Island

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Zelda Ghoma's Island

Post  Abominator on Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:03 am

I really wanted to make an MMO... so I tried to... Epic Fail!!! So I stuck to making a single player game. I based this on the Zelda Series, designed to come right after Links Awakening, and due to this, have use GameBoy Graphics to keep to the allignment. This game originally had Ghoma as a boss (Hence the name), but due to bugs, its been taken off. See, for some reason, it wouldn't stop running at huge speeds, and damage didnt damage it. I recently found that in the coding, any weapon that hit its eye actually hurt the player, so I've took it out completely and replaced it with another boss. Fans of Zelda should like it.


It was made with Gamemaker 7 originally, and the problems rose when I updated to 8... This could also mean that there are other bugs, so if people play it, please let me know of ANY bugs that appear, and I'll get right to work. Bear in mind that if I get lots of bug reports, I'll try to remove all of the said bugs before I release an updated version.

BTW, as a side note, if anyone looks at my profile on the site mentioned, they'll notice I also made another game, shy guy world, a mario style game where you play as a shy guy - buggy jump, buggy music, buggy game, dead project, I won't be adding to that or updating it, mostly because for a mario style game, I need to perfect the jump so people can actually play the game, and no matter what I do, the jump has always been glitchy.
V1 - Jumped, hit the floor, kept uncontrollably bouncing higher each time I hit the floor, eventually went offscreen and never came back down.
V2 - Jumped, fell through the floor.
V3 - Jumped, hit the floor, had to press jump twice to jump again.
V4 - Jumped, hit the floor, couldn't jump again.
V5 - Jumped, fell slightly into the floor, got stuck and couldn't move.
V6 - Jumped, never came back down.
I went back to V3 after this, and left that in the game, at least it works in some sense rather than none. Even then, I've given up on it, and dont intend to revisit it.


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