A Kingdom Hearts Online Game

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A Kingdom Hearts Online Game

Post  Ply4Funt on Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:34 pm

This is not actually my game, just a game that I play.
Kingdom Hearts Twilight Soul.
Made using an Eclipse Stable Engine too though the features not as much as this one.
They were making Guild Bases but then since players started breaking rules, they removed that,
no quest system but they're working on it,
Info says they will add a Mount system and more other features.
There's a Storyline going on, at least 3 is held in every Client Episode it releases.
Right now Twilight Soul has reached Episode 3.

Forum Site

Wikia Site

Rules Page

I will not put the download link up because the game requires people to read the rules and understand it before playing,
recently alot of players have been breaking the rules.


More Screens: http://s7.zetaboards.com/Twilight_Soul/topic/8420291/1/#new

The game has undergoed changes of names and forums, at first it was KHO, Kingdom Hearts Online, then it's changed to TS, Twilight Soul, then it's changed to SM, Sealed Memoirs, then it changed back to TS because another KH Online Game called SMO claimed that TS stole their name.
Old TS and SM was Beta, now it's back on TS.
The Old TS and SM Forums were deleted and unaccessible.

the game's not accepting moderators, if you ask then you'll probably never get to be one.
The owner of this game is Tarou in forum and ingame and taroku in chatango.


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