I rented SMG2!

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Re: I rented SMG2!

Post  Chuchoide on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:31 am

Haven't got it yet D:


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Re: I rented SMG2!

Post  mrhappy1 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:05 am

its not short!!!!


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Re: I rented SMG2!

Post  Draycos on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:41 pm

Well, it is the first time through, but there's a lot of things that bugged me...

SMG2 was TOO. SHORT. And it was fun, it just wasn't lasting appeal for numerous reasons. 'Twas like a half-done school essay- what was there was incredible, but it wasn't complete.
Most of the levels took less than three minutes for me, even when I wasn't even trying. >.<

They put in a lot of almost-unused stuff in, and overused a lot of things.

-Swimming was rarely used, besides three of 50+ galaxies.

-The pufferfish enemy in Cosmic Cove's first stage vanishes after attacking, and never appears again IN THE ENTIRE GAME.

-You know those star crystals on the World 1 and 2 maps, that give you Star Bits when you move over the map space they occupy? They don't appear again.

-Wall jumps are more-or-less optional in certain spots. The final level of the game, the secret one, had NO wall jumps. :<

-Yoshi was overused.

-The Spring Mushroom only appeared once in the entire game.

-The purple electric-jelly enemies appeared numerous times.

-They covered up for short levels and unused stuff (namely, Ice Flowers and Red Stars) with 120 (pointless) Green Stars, and some of them required generally the same movement. Backflip, spin, walljump, spin. Longjump, spin. Wait for a platform to disappear. So on and so forth.

-Shiverburn was a total letdown-'twas too short compared to Freezeflame.

-Ice skating was completely optional and was only usable in a couple of galaxies.

-You couldn't let go of a Spin Drill manually, you had to get hit by an enemy or move into a Launch or Sling Star to drop it.

-I liked the Tall Trunk slide, but I was sad there wasn't a real SM64 type one.

-The plot was repetitive and the intro wasn't as thrilling as the first SMG's was.

-Leftover coins from galaxies had NO use, besides the 5-roullete-blocks-for-100-coins Luma on Starship Mario.

-No secret levels you actually had to LOOK for, like in SM64... it was straightforward, to say the least.

-Starship Mario was rather basic, and there weren't very many new things besides a couple of 1-ups, NPCs that give you advice YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNEW, and the roullete block Lumas. You'd think that they'd at least make it brilliant, and changing, like the Comet Observatory was.

-All of the bosses, including Bowser, were ridiculously easy, even the daredevil ones. The only boss I EVER had trouble with was the fiery counterpart of Gobblegut, and even then i only lost a couple of lives.

I could say more, but I won't...

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I rented SMG2!

Post  ShiroTenjin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:38 pm



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Re: I rented SMG2!

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